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Kisha Jordan Ministry is here to encourage everyone women, men, boys and girls. Those who are well and those who are sick. We make donations to help with a cure for Cancer. We also are going to start putting a donation to help parents for children of the blind.We also want to help parents to start to seek information when they don't think that they are getting the right care from their doctor's for their children and  so that they know that they have rights to go and get the help that they really need, and they have a right to seek another opinion.  We want to be able to help feed the homeless and help the children that are without for Christmas, and during various holidays during the year. In addition, Kisha Jordan Ministries' partners and friends will be volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house. We also will be going into the hospitals to encourage and pray for the sick.. And getting together a place where teen can come together and learn about Christ, and learn to live this holy life style, because holiness is a life style. And to give hope to those who have given up on church and church people.
        We run conferences, through out the year, and revivals, we will be going out and witnessing the salvation and love of our Savior Jesus Christ. We do radio stations to reach souls and get the Word of God out.. and will do conferences out of the states and much, much more...... and now we are on national T.V..PLEASE LOOK AT OUR SITE FOR T.V AND FIND OUT TIMES AND STATIONS...

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