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Apostle Kisha Jordan was born on August 26 in East Orange, New Jersey to Grace Thompson. She is married to an anointed and awesome man of God, Dr./Bishop Jerome D. Jordan.  These middle school sweethearts have been married for more than 33 years and together for more than 35 years. Together they have three beautiful daughters Kendra, Keona, and Kenya Jordan.
On Christmas day of 1989 Apostle Kisha's life took a dramatic turn, as she was involved in a near fatal car accident. While in route to the hospital, her heart stopped twice as she fought for her life. As a result of the injuries sustained in the accident, Apostle Kisha had her entire right leg and a portion of her pelvis removed. She spent several days in a coma, endured many life threatening procedures and countless hours of rehabilitation until she was finally discharged from Bay Front Medical Center three months later on March 30, 1990.
At the time of the accident only her oldest daughter, Kendra, was born. Doctors informed her that as a result of the injuries sustained in the car accident that she would not be able to bear any more children and that any attempt to bear children would kill her. However, God bestowed His favor upon her and now she has two more beautiful daughters, Keona and Kenya.

Shortly thereafter in 1991, while stationed with her husband at Fort Rucker, Alabama, Apostle Kisha accept the Lord as her personal savior. The miracle working power of God would again triumph over the word of the doctors who said that it would be impossible for her to be fitted with prosthesis. Apostle Kisha defied the odds, as God blessed her with a prosthesis worth over $10,000.00, paid for by the Fort Rucker Alabama Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA).
In 1994, she sensed that God was calling her into the gospel ministry. After two years of preparation, she was licensed into the gospel ministry as an evangelist.
On April 2, 1996, she moved with her husband to Hawaii, to complete his tour of duty for the United States Army. Then in May 1997, God called her husband into the pastoral ministry, as the pastor of Pentecostal Central Christian Church of Hawaii. Apostle Kisha became the Co Pastor & First Lady.  
While working with her husband with the church, God blessed Apostle Kisha to oversee the Women of Holiness. From July through September 1997, Apostle Kisha was in charge of the daily operations of the church while her husband was away training with the U.S. Army. In the same year, she was installed as the Vice-President of the Oahu Chapter of the International Association of Minister's Wives and Minister's Widows located in Honolulu, Hawaii, under the direction of Dr. Celeste Ashe Johnson.

God would move again when Apostle Kisha's gave her powerful testimony during an International Association of the Women Handmaiden's meeting. God would move yet again, as a result of the word shared with the Women's Handmaidens as He opened the door for Apostle Kisha to share her testimony with Pastor Drucilla Lewis, on her daily televised broadcast "Purpose for Living". 
On October 1, 1998, Apostle  Kisha was ordained as an Elder by Bishop Joseph and Pastor Jeweline , founders of Pentecostal Central Christian Churches Incorporated.  In 2001, she was elevated and installed as the President of the Oahu Chapter of the International Association of Minister's Wives and Minister's Widows.
The St. Petersburg Times did an article titled, "The Remarkable Mrs. Jordan", highlighting the amazing story of the near fatal car accident of Pastor Kisha and her victory over death. On several occasions, her heart stopped, but by the power of God she was revived. After multiple surgical procedures, long hours in intensive care, and days of coma, medical experts believed that all hope for her survival was lost. Nevertheless, God raised up this anointed vessel of the Lord to be a voice to the nations.

After all that God had done in the life of Apostle Kisha, He would again work another miracle. Medical experts had indicated that she would never walk again. However, she has continued to defy the odds and with every passing moment, God is enabling her to walk further and further on her crutches and even further in her spirit.

In 2004, God opened up another business to be able to produce books for others. So with the help of her husband  Dr. Jerome D. Jordan, they open up their own publishing book company  called ( The Shining Light) under Kisha Jordan Ministries 
In January 2005, Apostle Kisha appeared on the Home Keepers televised broadcast with host Arthelene Rippy on the Christian Television Network and in August 2005, Apostle Kisha Jordan launched Kisha Jordan Ministries. Kisha Jordan Ministries is a powerful media ministry reaching the lost and encouraging God’s people though books, conferences, prayer meetings, radio and television ministry.  Kisha Jordan Ministries has staff and covenant partners around the world.

Apostle Kisha’s book, "I Am The Lord That Healeth Thee" forwarded by Arthelene Rippy, was release in April 2006. This powerful message of hope has touched the lives of countless people around the world. To get your copy of the book go to any Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Christian book stores or you can order it through Kisha Jordan Ministries.  
In 2006, Apostle Kisha launched her radio show "Born for Such a Time as This" and in 2008, the show expanded its marking airing on Greek radio station on Saturday mornings. 
Kisha Jordan Ministries has been active sponsoring several conferences with speakers .Furthermore, Kisha Jordan Ministries makes donations to organizations such as the Cancer Foundation. In 2010, the ministry started sending monthly support to the countries such as Kenya, Uganda, India, and now to the Philippines.

In January 2009, Apostler Kisha launched “Keeping It Real With Kisha Jordan” on one of the subsidiary stations of Bright House Networks and the Internet. Then in July 2009, the Lord opened up a major door. Apostle Kisha entered into a contract to host her own national televised show. The half hour show is still on the air and can be seen all over the world on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30pm and  on Comcast Cable, Roku, all smart phones, Internet, Google TV, and many more. Furthermore, some shows are up loaded on Apostle Kisha’s you tube page “www.youtube.com/KJMMinistries”.  The response has been phenomenal as calls for prayer, testimonies, to support the ministry financially, and to become a covenant partner keep coming in. 
In 2014, the Lord opened the door for Apostler Kisha to launch her radio show on WRXB 1590. The half hour show titled “Real Talk with Kisha Jordan” aired on Saturdays at 1:30pm est. Also, in 2014 the Lord opened up another major door for Apostle Kisha, to be on another television network with her own television show on The Now Network which is seen all over the world. So now her television show "Real Talk With Kisha Jordan, is currently on 2 international  different television network.

In addition to her work with Kisha Jordan Ministries, she also oversees the “Diamond in The Rough” the Women’s Ministry for the City of Refuge Christian Church of Florida since 2004, name has changed in 2020 to Woman of Destiny.  Apostle Kisha & her husband Dr./Bishop Jerome D. Jordan, is now overseers of 28 churches both out of state & out of country.

 Apostle Kisha also runs conferences and revivals throughout the year, to include her annual conferences “I Am the Lord that Healeth Thee”, “The Cry that Everyone Ignored”, “Wounds Made into Stepping Stones” and “Get Delivered From The Saints”. Then in July 2015 the Lord opened up another door for Apostle Kisha, to have her own international radio show title "Kisha Jordan Ministries" comes on every Tuesday mornings & Every Thursday evenings on www.kdaylive.com

then in 2020 God opened up another door for Apostle Kisha Jordan, for another television broadcast "Real Talk With Kisha Jordan, comes on every Sunday afternoon & is now currently on 3 different television network.

Apostle Kisha is an anointed preacher, teacher, author, pastor apostle and speaker known for her dynamic bible teaching and preaching with delivery as an exhorter and motivator. She delivers a unique message that crosses denominational cultures. This wife, mother, pastor,Apostle, preacher, and evangelist, is sought after from around the world, as far as India, Africa, and Hawaii. Apostle Kisha works in all the gifts of the Spirit and has a deep love for God's people and the unsaved.

Apostle Kisha new book title “Get Delivered from the Saints” will be release this year March, 2020, and the ministry is already getting calls from all over the world in anticipation of the books release. Be on the lookout for the book in a store near you!

To schedule Apostle Kisha for speaking engagements write to Kisha Jordan Ministries, P.O. Box 15158 Brooksville, Florida 34604,  or by calling the studio at (813)455-8718. If interested in being a guest on an upcoming radio or television broadcast.

Please send to (Email): kishajordanministries@yahoo.com