Partnership with Kisha Jordan Ministries (KJM)

          Praise the Lord for truly He is worthy to be praised! When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all that He has done for us, my soul cries out “thank you Jesus! What a mighty God we serve!”

         When God called me to begin the Kisha Jordan Ministry in August of 2004. He promised me that He would send covenant people who would come along side the ministry to help spread the gospel and meet the needs of a hurting world and He is faithful; As a partner, you are recognized as an integral part of the KJM family. You not only make “a world of difference,” you will be proud of yourself, as you enable KJM to fulfill the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. You have the opportunity to truly impact the world with the message of Christ and be blessed all at the same time! As a partner, you commit to seek personal spiritual growth and to pray faithfully for this ministry. Together, we can pursue His calling through ministry and release the abundant provisions, wisdom, and blessings of God!

         My covenant promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to help equip you to become all that God has designed you to be. I want to pray for you and give you the teaching and instruction that will enable you to achieve your divine destiny. I passionately believe that through our special covenant commitment to each other and to His ministry, God is going to do the impossible in your life! And both you and I will be blessed!

         KJM has a God given purpose to feed and clothe those who are in need, and to provide words of encouragement and hope each day to people from all walks of life. Your partnership with the Kisha Jordan Ministries is sealed through a relationship expressed through a monthly financial gift. It is a seed that tells me that you believe in me and in what God has called me to do! Your generosity will fuel this ministry’s efforts to impact your life and others through radio ministry, revivals, special conferences and events, and teachings and resources. The KJM, also sends donations to help fight to find a cure for cancer, also to Ronald McDonald house. Pastor Kisha Jordan has a heart for people and children who is disable, her motto is “there is nothing to hard for our God, and God is still in the healing business”!

         Your, gifts helps Pastor Kisha Jordan to preach the truth of the word and to continue to fulfill the prophetic mantle on her life. No amount is to great or small but all gifts will receive a very special appreciation of your kind support.

         For everyone that would like to partner with the ministry to give a ministry donation of only $20.00 or more you will have some great benefits….

         What are the Benefits of Partnership?

         When you enter into partnership with this ministry, you will unlock the power of covenant. When you get involved with God’s vision, He will get involved with your vision. Something supernatural will always happen when you give.

         In response to your partnership, these are the benefits we provide:

         The monthly Kisha Jordan Letter

         A covenant card with your member number on it
         A monthly message (CD or digital available)
         20% discount on selected KJM merchandise (online store and events)
         Early admittance to events (30 minutes)
         Access to exclusive content for Covenant Partners at our website!
         The joy of knowing your investment in this ministry is making a difference in

         the lives of the hopeless, lost, and hurting Discount pricing to announce your             business or ministry etc.. on the radio


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